We have been in the chemistry business for over 20 years. We have constructed more than 50 chemical plants in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. In addition, we have also developed many new chemical processes in existing plants, managed projects, and solved diverse chemistry & manufacturing related problems. We also provide consultancy for various investment opportunities and invest in exciting projects.


We are experienced in developing chemical processes for the manufacture of intermediates and final products in cGMP facilities. Our consultancy services include guidance on initiating new processes as well as on-going project management.
We are able to anticipate and identify issues in advance to put actions in place for resolution and keep projects on track providing you with an effective project management.

Research and production are tightly related but also have their differences. We are competent in understanding the relationship between laboratory experimentation and manufacturing lines, as well as the constraints imposed by manufacturing capability. We direct projects relative to this from scientific and operational perspective.

Additionally, we support internal technical transfer requirements and manufacturing during qualification and validation campaigns. We have documented capability to develop creative solutions to challenging problems during manufacturing campaigns.

Our expertise range from the multi-step asymmetric synthesis of biologically active organic molecules, such as enzyme inhibitors and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to the production of commodities, resins and plasticisers. During production, we employ various purification techniques such as crystallisation, salt formation and breaking with appropriate polymorph control, as well as normal and reverse phase HPLC and distillation. Optimisation of reaction conditions to obtain excellent %ee, biological assay development and high-throughput screening of library members are examples of other areas we worked on.

During the development of the project we monitor the intermediates and final products with analysis based on analytical data obtained from HPLC, 1-D & 2-D solution NMR, IR, GC-MS, ESI-MS, UV-Vis, absorbance & fluorescence spectroscopy, polarimetry, FBRM, DSC, and colorimetry.

With our experienced team we assist you every step of the way and take you from the very beginning which is the design phase until the very end, which is the point where you obtain the desired product. During later stages, we continue to be closely involved with the process management and to provide you with our full support in order to ensure that the processes consistently deliver superior results.

If you have a chemical plant and wish to optimise your results and produce more efficiently then we would also be glad to implement procedures and processes that would enhance your productivity. Again, we stand by our team and expertise and we always do whatever is necessary to guarantee a steady and well performing chemical process. Please note that we are equally skilled at solving problems associated with the existing chemical processes you have in place. So if you are experiencing troubles regarding current processes please contact us and we would be happy to work on a solution with you.

We always remain at your disposal if you require our advice on designing a chemical process.


In addition to designing chemical processes within the framework of our consulting services, we are also active in building chemical plants. These projects vary in geographical location, capacity and product and each one presents diverse challenges. Thanks to our experienced team we have been able to surmount any problems we have encountered since our very first project. We are proud to have undertaken comprehensive projects all across the world which involve meticulous work and detailed planning.

Our competencies are further evidenced by the fact that we have built 50+ chemical plants around the world in the last 15 years.

Type of plants we have built so far:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Urea-Formaldehyde
  • Melamine-Formaldehyde
  • Phenol-Formaldehyde
  • Paint
  • Polyester Resins
  • Plasticisers (DOP, DOTP, DINP, DOA and more)
  • Anti-freeze
  • Modified Melamine & Urea Formaldehyde resins
  • Polycarboxylate
  • Ad blue
  • Alkyd resin

Get in touch with us if you are planning to build a chemical plant